After the incorporation in 2006 of Ricard Ruiz López and the constitution of Ruiz Castel Procuradors S.L.P. in 2009, our firm has its own office in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample district with fifteen direct employees, six of them court procurators. We currently provide procurator services in all the legal districts of the Autonomous Communities of Catalonia and Madrid.

At Ruiz Castel Procuradors we have more than 30 years’ experience in the world of legal work. Since 1983, we work to represent our clients’ interests before the Department of Justice, as well as expediting court proceedings. We have a team of highly qualified professionals and our work is based on the principles of proximity, immediacy, personalised care and the application of new technologies. We are currently procurators in all the legal districts of Catalonia and Madrid.

Why trust in us?

  • Quick and efficient management
  • Personalised care
  • Periodic information of the result of our actions
  • Close relationship with the client
  • Honesty and solidarity
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Verified experience

Our firm currently has six graduates of law, registered as Court Procurators with the Association of Procurators of Barcelona. At Ruiz Castel, we are committed to the continued training of our staff to adapt to legislative changes. We believe that good training is essential to offer the best solutions to our clients’ varied needs. For this reason, our team follows a continued training plan.

At Ruiz Castel, we facilitate as much as possible the times and quality of response of our clients, as well as the communication with them all. As specialists in Procedural Law, we understand that one of our main missions is to ensure our clients do not need to worry about that aspect of proceedings and that, if in doubt, there is always someone available to give them the correct answer.

Court Procurators are graduates of law, experts in Procedural Law, able to draft any kind of written document or carry out any kind of formality before the different bodies of the Department of Justice. They also perform an important function of collaboration with the leading lawyer in proceedings; resolve queries or doubts; and, as the driving force of procedures, they prepare the necessary procedural documents as required. This is the key principle we apply in our day-to-day work.

At Ruiz Castel, we know that when someone looks for legal help by filing legal proceedings, or if they are forced to do so by the demands of another person or entity, there is an unpleasant and uncomfortable situation behind it that can be the combination of many conflicts, sometimes with a considerable emotive burden.

So that these conflicts can be solved as compassionately as possible, from the start we have tried to apply and transmit positive values such as honesty or solidarity throughout the proceedings in which we intervene, as well as in the relationships with our clients and the rest of the parties involved.

Since 1998, all the documents relating to our clients’ files have been digitalised and, through the Iuritext work tool, the virtual office can be accessed to consult them from any place, 24 hours a day; always with maximum security and efficiency.


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